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«In the foothills of Altai, in a surprisingly picturesque place, there is a unique glade called 'Anna Biletskaya's Citadel of Altai Craftsmen'. Siberian, Russian and foreign craftsmen live and work here. On this art platform you can get acquainted with such rare and unique artistic crafts as smith-craft and pottery, linen and felt crafts, weaving, furriery and leather crafts, stained glass art, birch bark craft, wood carving, and other artistic crafts. Here each craftsman is able to share his or her experience, show and tell about their crafts to residents and guests of Altai Krai»
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Top Women Business Award
On April 16, 17, 18, 2021 in Moscow the "Top Women Business Award» will take place in Moscow and Anna Biletskaya is a nominee of the award and a partner of it.
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