About the Company
The organisation was officially registered on July 30, 2012, but the story itself had began earlier that winter and it had began with Anna Biletskaya.
At that time, Anna was a member of the local ensemble 'Zdravitsa' and as the youngest participant she was sent to order an oven fork from a blacksmith. When she came to the blacksmith's shop, she saw a forge and an anvil. It was love at first sight, and Anna wanted to try her hand at smith-craft.
She took her first step into the unknown, into a new environment for her, into the difficult everyday life of a blacksmith.
Anna turned her life around and the changes affected both her physical and internal state as she opened up to something new and bright and she couldn't have even imagined how her life would change!

Thanks to smith-craft, Anna met her husband Yevgeniy Biletsky who is a blacksmith too. Yevgeniy was born in Barnaul, but soon after his family moved to Zarinsk. Before he found himself as a blacksmith he had gone through a difficult path that began with studying in Lipetsk and later Yevgeniy realised himself as a blacksmith. After a while, the fate returned him to his home city in Altai Krai where he was born and raised.

Life brought Anna and Yevgeniy together at the First All-Russian Blacksmith Festival in Belokurikha in 2013 where Anna was an event planner and a mind behind. Since then, Anna and Yevgeniy are together despite all the difficulties and obstacles and they believe that there are far more happy moments in life than sorrows. Now they are helping their children to find their vocations and live up to their full potential in this difficult at times, but surprisingly beautiful life.
About us
«In the foothills of Altai, in a surprisingly picturesque place, there is a unique glade called 'Anna Biletskaya's Citadel of Altai Craftsmen'. Siberian, Russian and foreign craftsmen live and work here. On this art platform you can get acquainted with such rare and unique artistic crafts as smith-craft and pottery, linen and felt crafts, weaving, furriery and leather crafts, stained glass art, birch bark craft, wood carving, and other artistic crafts. Here each craftsman is able to share his or her experience, show and tell about their crafts to residents and guests of Altai Krai»
Goals of the project
Attraction of the increased tourist flow in the region by running craftsmen's workshops (master classes) of different professions, running festivals, competitions and other mutually beneficial events
Demand for Russian tour itineraries of Altai Krai, Belokurikha
Organisation of culture-related tourism for visitors of the region and people with disabilities, children left without parental care, children from schools and kindergartens
Promotion of international cooperation
A unique platform for bringing together originative artists of Altai, Siberia, Russia and foreign craftsmen
Folk crafts have a long-standing origin and their own unique traditions. Craftsmen were improving techniques of their craft, accumulating the experience for centuries, the demand for the objects of artistic craft was great, and the market for it was provided by a wide trade. The demand for finished products of folk crafts goes over again in the modern world, there is a high request for active participation in the creation of a new work of original art, a desire to possess a crafted object as a souvenir and as an object of everyday usage. Altai Krai is a significant tourist destination of the Russian Federation, visited by thousands of Russian and foreign visitors all year round.

Project Target Audience
Children and adolescents
Young people and students
Orphans and children left without parental care
People with disabilities
Elderly people
Tourists interested in the cultural heritage of Russia
Foreign citizens
Master-craftsmen from abroad
Project allows:
  • to coordinate the activities of folk craftsmen, give an opportunity to exchange experience with their colleagues, create public awareness about their activities in Russia via the website
  • to share the personal professional experience accumulated by the craftsmen to the younger generation by means of working together
  • to form a positive impression among young people about the historical traditions and skills of the peoples of Russia
  • to inform about the historical heritage and raise awareness about the folk crafts of all of the citizens, including disabled people too.
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