Accessible environment
An accessible environment is an environment that creates comfortable and safe living conditions for most people. This is an environment in which equal access to services is ensured for all service recipients.
Service is available if:
Information availability is provided
System of high-quality service for clients with disabilities has been organised
Architectural accessibility is provided
Our goals:

- to create a barrier-free environment on the platform of 'Citadel of Craftsmen' allowing children with disabilities to learn the basics of folk arts and crafts,

- to promote the formation of a tolerant attitude to the problems of children with special educational needs among all participants and guests of the 'Citadel of Craftsmen' platform.

The implementation of a program of creation of an accessible (barrier-free) environment for the disabled and low-mobility groups of people has begun in Russia.

A barrier-free environment is a usual environment where the necessary amenities are additionally arranged according to some special needs arising from disability. A barrier-free environment allows people with special needs to lead an independent and free lifestyle. One of the important tasks of the program is to create the necessary conditions for a barrier-free and friendly environment, thanks to which the complete development of abilities and the maximum integration of disabled people into society is possible.

First, second, third groups disabled people
Children left without parental care (boarding school, an orphan home)
Kindergartens, educational institutions
Charitable foundations
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