Yulia Zarechnova
Yulia is an artist and a craftsman, she has been working in the field of folk arts and crafts since 1994. She is a respected teacher as well as the head of the Department of fine arts at Children's art school №4 of Biysk and a member of Non-Commercial Partnership Altai Regional Craft Chamber.

The high artistic level of her artistic and crafted items combining folk traditions and creative individuality. Her works are recognised not only in the Altai Krai and Russia but also abroad. Thanks to her active work in promoting folk culture and art, many students learned, through the creative potential revealed in them, more about the history of the Altai Krai and its nature. Her students won competitions at the city, regional, Russian and international levels.

Yulia participates in festivals and competitions of different levels as well. She visited France (2010), Germany (2014), Italy (2019), the Czech Republic (2016) and China (2013-2016) where her works are purchased with pleasure.

Art works of the master-craftsman
Pendant-lacquer miniature on the stone 'Night lantern'
Leather brooch with painting 'Mishutka' ('Little bear')
Leather bracelet 'Dragon's Eye'
Leather bag with a fox 'Family'
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