Blacksmith-craft was perceived by folk as a magical act, it was associated with the element (force) of fire, with the ability to use its power in the processing of one of the hardest materials and also with the ability to give metal greater than natural strength by hardening it in water. The blacksmith himself was endowed with extraordinary power in the peasant mind.
Anna Biletskaya
Anna is a member of the Smith-Artists Union of Russia, a member of the Union of Smiths of Russia, the official representative of the Blacksmith Union of Russia in Altai Krai. She has got a law degree from Astrakhan State Technical University and she is also a graduate of Astrakhan Art School.

Anna has been professionally engaged in blacksmithing since 2012. Since 2018, the private "Anna Biletskayas Museum of History, Life and Smith-Craft" has been opened on the estate of Anna for everyone, where both adults and children come from all over Russia and abroad. It actively promotes the traditions of blacksmithing, has students, gives them skills of mastery, conducts training masterclasses for schoolchildren, students, persons with disabilities, helps children left without parental care and kindergartens on a regular basis.

Anna is a talented master craftsman of the resort town of Belokurikha, the only female blacksmith in Siberia, the winner of numerous regional, national and international exhibitions.

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