Wool felting
Wool felting
Wool felting is a special handicraft technique of creating a pattern on fabric or felt, toys, panels, decorative elements and clothing items or accessories from wool for felting. Only natural wool has the ability to felting (to form felt).
Kalambina Zheltkovskaya
Kalambina is a self-employed businesswoman. She has been studying the craft of felting on her own since 2008. IP Zheltkovskaya 'Yurt-Gallery of Ancient Crafts' was established in 2015 on the basis of a public organisation the Center of the Study and Preservation of Traditional Crafts 'Aikumena' established in 2013. Through the existence of the center 'Aikumena, its founder Kalambina Kimovna carried out a tremendous work on the study, restoration and implementation of innovative ideas in such folk crafts as the creation of felt products, the priority direction in which interior items such as carpets, screens, dresses made of natural fabrics (staple, linen).

"The Yurt-gallery of Ancient crafts» opened a new direction in the work as acquaintance of its visitors with the traditional way of life of the indigenous population of the Altai Mountains. Visitors can admire items made of felt, wood, leather, they can take part in workshops (master classes) on felting and making souvenirs, listen to Kai or throat singing, get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Altai Republic.

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