Healer, Astrology, Tarot cards
Healer, Astrology, Tarot cards
The ability of a person to influence the forces of nature, objects, animals, the fate of people, subjugating supernatural forces or manipulating them with the help of spells, amulets and certain rituals.
Maya Altai
It is a channeler (English channel) or a contactee, that is, a conductor between the Universe and you. Being in the so-called channel, it receives the energies of the Absolute, as well as information from the Higher Forces of Consciousness and gives them to you to reveal your essence and solve life issues.
May's task is to help you develop spiritually. After all, through spiritual growth, health, business and personal life are improved - the three main links in the life of every person.
In personal consultations or in her videos, you will not receive "cheat sheets" on how to live. However, you will learn how to use the energy of the Earth and the Universe to harmonize yourself internally and improve your own life. If you have the ability to heal or communicate with the Higher Forces, the Maya will help you develop and teach you how to apply.
Remember that the Universe is inside us and we are all connected particles of a single Absolute Space, which is open for each of us!

Svetlana Kulakova
I cordially greet the guests of the Citadel of Masters of Anna Biletskaya!
My name is Svetlana, more than 20 years in personal consultations:
• analyze the causes of various problems, including health problems,
• I explain the ways to solve them and what needs to be done so that the problems do not recur,
• I reveal the essence of the purpose of the soul in different areas of life,
• I help in understanding myself and in a positive mindset.
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