Yulia Rekhtina
Altai is her passion. Her main job is as a tour guide in Altai. On her own time, especially during cold winter evenings, Yulia embroidered and made jewellery for herself and her friends. She loves nature and her jewellery is always charged with the energy of the forest, mountains, stones, flowers and trees. She loves everything bright, beautiful and she tries to match up her own jewellery with each outfit she wears. There is never too much jewellery for her as she always wants something new.

Jewellery always protects its owner, distracting one's eye to itself. Yulia wants them to protect you from the evil eye, damage and bad people as well.

Art works of the master-craftsman
Makosh (ancient Russian goddess) №1
Makosh (ancient Russian goddess) with birds
Pendant ornament 'Green Flower'
Brown Tree
Other master-craftsmen
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