Oksana Praksina
Oksana's art work began a long time ago when she was a child. She has always been knitting something like socks, mittens, potholders. Later, she began to knit warm sweaters, openwork blouses for the summer for herself. Oksana was taught to knit by her grandmother, then she continued learning to knit by herself leading by instructions from books and magazines.

Blouses, socks and all these were interesting to her, but Oksana wanted to try to knit something new. She was long thinking about amigurumi or knitted toys and she tried to knit a cat, a horse, a snake, fruit, a small cake and even a big one. She conducted classes for a knitting club in the library, where she knitted potted flowers and amigurumi dogs with children of primary school age.

Amigurumi is a Japanese art of crocheting all kinds of small animals, people, and inanimate objects (cakes, handbags, etc.). Toys making is always a process of creation and invention of something new. The ingenuity of a toy, its uniqueness and individuality is its undoubted advantage that distinguishes it from store-bought toys. When you make toys with your own hand, you can feel the human soul and warmth what is something that is so in shortage sometimes.

A knitted toy is not only a wonderful gift or an original decoration for the room. A toy for a child is, first of all, a way of perceiving the world, communicating with it, it is a powerful boost for the development of imaginative thinking. They perfectly develop fine motor skills of the hands and creates a sense of security and love in a child.

Art works of the master-craftsman
Rabbit with a backpack
'Borka' Ox
'Malishka' Bunny (Litte Bunny)
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