Pottery, ceramics, earthenware, porcelain
Pottery, ceramics, earthenware, porcelain
The word "ceramics" is of Greek origin from 'keramos' translated as clay. Ceramic products are products created from clay with various impurities and burned to a solid state. During the thermal treatment, ceramic products become fire-resistant and durable. Afterwards products can be used in various spheres of the national economy.
Irina Obukhova
Irina is a ceramic artist. She is the head of an art Studio in Novosibirsk. She has been immersed in ceramics since 2014. He likes to experiment with materials, often being inspired by natural textures, shapes, and colours. She works a lot on a by-order basis, her works are sold both within Russia and sent to Italy, Peru, and South Korea. She participated in the Siberian international ceramics festival as part of the art workshop "Baza".
Arkadiy Samoshkin
From a young age, Arkady was a creative person and was constantly in search of himself. He was engaged in wood carving, drawing, and stand-modeling. He wanted to leave behind him something in everything he did, create something unique and inimitable, something that would not only please a person but also bring him or her some benefits.
Exploring one method after another, Arkady searched for the missing element, and he found it in polymer clay.
Once, he was walking around the store and he saw colourful pieces on the counter. Then it dawned on him that the material can help one to create earrings, bracelets, talismans, keychains and much more.
It was from polymer clay that gave Arkady the feeling of the energy of happiness, joy and warmth, and began his art journey creating more and more new jewellery every day. He was overwhelmed by a wave of creativity and he wanted to share it with the world.
So the idea to create the first workshop (master class) responding to people with its cozy, friendly atmosphere and a sense of inner happiness was born.
Since the end of 2020, the geographical borders of his workshops (master classes) have expanded, and now Arkady invites everyone to Belokurikha to do something unique and magical together, because creativity lives absolutely in each of us, regardless of age and gender.

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