Stained glass (Tiffany glass, glass fusing, glass)
Stained glass (Tiffany glass, glass fusing, glass)
Stained-glass in general sense is a glazed surface of walls, windows or doorways. In the history of art, it is a common name for paintings made of glass looked thought at light and made in different techniques. The history of stained glass reflects the evolution of this art from simple techniques chaining into exquisite works of monumental and decorative art through the improvement of artistic craft.
Lyubov Kondryukova

Stained glass artist head
"Studio of designer glass Decor"
The beginning of the creative path of Decor since 2008.
Professional art education.
Graduate 2001 by specialty
"Painter". Altai College
industrial technology and business with honors.
In 2006. in the specialty "Fine Arts" Biysk Pedagogical University
named after V.M. Shukshin.
Working with glass in stained glass techniques fusing and
tiffany. Mosaic.

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